Rental Terms

By making a reservation and renting a property, you confirm that you have read the rental terms and agree to abide by them. We will be happy to answer clarifying questions.

  1. Contract / Number of guests

The contract confirms the lease between the tenant and the owner. The contract is binding and applies to the property mentioned in the agreement. (In Spain, all homes are treated as a property, be it an apartment building or a semi-detached house or a villa). A maximum number of guests mentioned in the contract or on our website can stay in the apartment, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  1. Pets

If pets are allowed in the description of the property, the maximum number of pets is one unless otherwise agreed in writing. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the pet to property or furniture and in case of any damage, the owner will determine the severity of the damage caused. The owner must accept the identified pet in writing.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is only allowed outdoors. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property. If the tenant violates the rule mentioned in the rental terms and smokes inside the property, he is obliged to compensate the cleaning and ozonisation costs caused by the violation, as well as the damage or nuisance due to odors in the furniture or the property itself.

  1. Cleaning

Each rental must include a final cleaning at the price indicated in the description of the property.

However, the tenant must take care of the cleanliness of the property during the stay and leave the apartment in a condition corresponding to the normal level of cleanliness when it is delivered. The tenant is responsible for cleaning of, for example  barbecue grill. The final cleaning includes laundry (one bed linen + towel set per person), cleaning of sanitary facilities, vacuuming and cleaning of surfaces and floors. Final cleaning does not include washing dishes or removing rubbish or groceries. According to the agreement, the food can be left to be donated to charities. For special cleaning we charge 25 euros / starting hour + any additional costs for laundry, carpets, mattresses, curtains, etc.

  1. Liability for damages

The tenant is responsible for any damage, breakage or loss of goods or objects during the rental contract. Damages must be reported to the Sunloma representative immediately after they occur. The damage occurred will be corrected as soon as possible, within a reasonable time depending on the damage. If the tenant has not reported the damage before the departure date, the damage will be repaired at the tenant’s expense by deducting from the deposit an amount equal to the cost of the damage. The tenant must have valid travel insurance.

  1. Reservation and the deposit

The reservation of a rental is € 500. The reservation becomes a deposit once the rental begins. The amount of the deposit is 1-2 months rent, which will be returned to the account indicated by the tenant once the property has been inspected and is in good condition (max. 20 business days after the end of the rental) . For short-term vacation rentals, the amount of the reservation / deposit is € 500.

  1. Payment terms

The deposit for the reservation of a property must be paid within a week, only then the reservation has been confirmed. For rentals of more than two months, the rent is paid monthly in advance and the electricity is paid monthly afterwards according to the amount of the invoice. For short-term holiday rentals, the final cleaning is paid on arrival, when the keys are handed over.

  1. Complaints

If the rental property does not correspond to the equipment announced in advance or there are other defects in the property, these must be reported immediately when the error is discovered, within a maximum period of 5 days, so that the matter can be corrected.

  1. Cancellations

If the tenant cancels the reservation before the start of the rental, the owner has the right to retain the paid deposit.

  1. Internet connection, computer, smart TV

Internet connections in the properties work wirelessly. The tenant will receive the necessary passwords to access the network. The user manual / maintenance for any television in the property is not included in the rent.

The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the Internet connection in the apartment is not used during the rental in violation against the law or regulations.

  1. Common areas

Neither Sunloma nor the owner are responsible for the condition of the common areas of the property (pool, staircase, elevator, patio, etc.) nor for the repair / maintenance work. We will inform you of the exceptions that have been reported to us.

  1. Additional information about the rental

The rental start date can be any day of the week. The minimum rental period is 1 week and the maximum is 11 months. The entrance to the property is from 16:00 hours on the day of the reservation, unless otherwise agreed. If you arrive between 20:00 and 09:00, a key delivery fee of € 40 will be charged.

The property will be left before 10.00 am on the last day of the reservation. If the tenant wants another time, it must be agreed separately by email.

When leaving, the house must correspond to the same situation as on the day of entrance in terms of furniture, buildings and patio / garden. Damages will be charged from the previously paid deposit. In addition to compensable damage, repair costs are also charged. If the amount of the deposit does not cover the full cost of the damage, the expense will be charged from the tenant in full in another way. If the tenant changes the order of the furnitures, this must be returned to the original order before the end of the rental.

Property keys should never be left or stored in the door lock inside the property. If the door is locked from the inside, only a licensed locksmith can enter. The resulting expenses are paid by the tenant. We always charge 50 euros for the loss of keys. For the opening of the door during the rental period, we charge 50 euros from Monday to Friday during the day time (8-20) and 100 euros on other hours.

The property cannot be rented to third parties and permanent alterations to the property that could leave a permanent mark (frame hook, wall lamp, etc.) cannot be made without the owner’s written permission. If deemed necessary, the landlord’s representative has the right to enter the apartment, for example to read the electricity / water meter, check the condition of the property or in other similar cases. Except in emergencies, the owner’s representative must notify the tenant at least 3 days in advance.

The tenant should follow the instructions of taking care of the property and furniture in the “Tenant Information Packet” instruction booklet provided.

You are not allowed to use the property for business means.

By signing the contract, the tenant declares that he has read and understood the rules related to the lease and agrees to abide by them.

Sunloma wishes you a safe and enjoyable vacation!